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This past weekend I completed my third workshop with Simply Raw. As was my experience with the previous workshops, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the company of like-minded (ie health-seeking) individuals. Natasha is inspiring, and shares her extensive knowledge in a warm and unintimidating way. The recipes are easy to prepare (not to mention delicious!), and use ingredients which are readily available. As the various dishes were prepared, there was an “open forum” type of information exchange, which provided much insight as to the many questions which can be left unanswered when one attempts to glean information from written material only.

I was introduced to the concept of “Raw Foodism” a number of years ago, upon coming across one of Ann Wigmore’s books in a local health food store. Since that time, I have done much research on the topic, and have experimented with various recipes. However, not knowing anyone who actually lived this way, I often experienced doubts regarding the nutritional “soundness” of this diet. Seeing in person Natasha’s glowing health, and the ease and enthusiasm with which she incorporates the raw food concepts into her own family’s lifestyle, has provided me with the inspiration and confidence I needed to fully embrace the raw food principals. Sharing ideas and experiences with the other attendees provided further motivation and insight. Thank-you Natasha!

Laurie Mulvagh

I attended a Live Food session in February, as my wife, Jacinthe could not attend due to other commitments. I found the reception very friendly and, once the session began, the additional verbal information complimented the written recipes. I had the chance to participate in the preparation of one of the recipes and found myself rolling truffles. I had already started a Sunday fast (water only) and used one of the recipes, Marinated Greens, to break my fast the next day. It gave me energy for the day. I intend to follow up whenever Jacinthe cannot attend. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the sharing. Thanks so much.

Richard Schwalm

I’ve taken several workshops from Natasha and find the classes to be friendly and warm-spirited. She provides instructions in such a clear and organized manner that all the intimidating aspects of preparing unfamiliar foods are removed. The recipes are delicious and easy to recreate at home. I look forward to attending more of her wonderful workshops.

Patricia Gorman

So far I have done three workshops with Natasha and I find that I have learned a lot. Everytime I’m surprised how well the food taste and how you can create this taste with often only a few ingredients. My daughter of 3.5 loves the almond milk and other recipes that have become staples. Another thing that I like is that the workshops are very hands on so you can participate in preparing the food. Natasha, thank you for sharing your experience, your knowledge and your enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to the next workshop soon.

Ineke Helby

I have attended most of the workshops since fall 2005 and I never stop being amazed at how great the food tasted. I couldn’t wait to try the recipes at home.

Michele Cormier

It is amazing I am eating about 90% raw and I feel excellent. My energy levels are way up, my training is much more consistent and I am losing weight. All of this has increased my level of confidence and I also noticed that I do not experience pre-menstrual symptoms anymore (the last two months). Working with Natasha has been extremely helpful. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I recommend Natasha and her coaching with raw food.

Nathalie Poirier

I’ve taken two workshops with Natasha and have found them very interesting, informative and uplifting. Natasha shares her knowledge with simplicity and enthusiasm. In these workshops, we had the opportunity to exchange with other participants and to participate in making the recipes. The recipes were simply exquisite and easy to make and we had the pleasure to taste all the dishes. I come out of these workshops encouraged and full of new ideas.” “I also had an individual coaching session with Natasha with which I was very satisfied. Natasha is very knowledgeable and was able to answer my many questions. I thank Natasha for sharing her precious knowledge with me, given that it comes from a person who believes in what she teaches and puts into practice in her daily life. I highly recommend her workshops and coaching session to all who want to improve their health.

Monique Routhier

I’ve attended two Simply Raw classes and I am planning to attend more. What can I say about Natasha? Natasha is a knowledgeable and clear spoken instructor. I have learned much that I was not able to glean from all the books I’ve read. Her classes have been a worth while investment in my pursuit of Raw knowledge.

David Nesbitt

I heard about the raw food lifestyle in Calgary in 1998. I was intrigued immediately, yet found no support or group to get myself going. I became ill shortly thereafter and gained much weight etc. No Dr. gave a specific diagnosis, yet I knew something was terribly wrong. Zoom ahead to 2005 and I met Natasha. Her knowledge and approachable manner helped me make the final transition to health in a long, exhaustive search. The Energy Soup is very very healing. Natasha’s knowledge from the Hippocrates institute that she has passed along has improved my health and energy level tremendously. I have lost approx 25 pounds and more to go, yet I do not feel like I am dieting. I feel better and more energized physically. In all honesty my mood and disposition, and outlook on life has completely turned around to what it was. Thank you so much to Natasha, raw foods, and Energy Soup!!

Marion Westoll

The coaching sessions with Natasha have helped me transition gently into raw foods. I trust in her wisdom & experience. Attending the raw food workshops have helped me to be more creative and to have more fun in preparing raw dishes. THANK YOU NATASHA!

Susan Anderson

I have taken all of Natasha’s Raw Food workshops and would recommend every single one! I have found the recipes, philosophy and methods to be an invaluable aid to my healing process. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, these workshops provide valuable additions to any diet by providing a tasty, easy way to prepare food so that it’s very easily assimilated by the body. Food prepared this way tastes great and makes you feel great.

The classes are small, very hands-on and Natasha will answer all your questions. She provides a wealth of information and sources for all the ingredients used. The best part is getting to eat what is made in the class – a sumptuous feast always! You will leave with a very full and happy tummy! Thanks Natasha for providing this service!

Wendy Russell

I thought the workshop was excellent! The dips and spreads are fairly quick and easy to make. It was great to be in an informal setting with people who have had varying experiences with a raw food diet. Taste testing the dips and the wide selection of veggies and crackers you had made for an enjoyable snack/dinner. It was neat because there was an open discussion/question session ongoing. Having the product available to purchase was a highlight for me. Your knowledge of the recipes, ingredients and other info, such as where to shop was appreciated. My learning from the workshop and excitement about raw foods is on the rise!

Jill Nugent

I have attended 3 workshops and each time I am more and more impressed with Natasha’s knowledge of raw food both it’s preparation and health-giving properties. The food we prepare is absolutely delicious and easy to make at home, so I am inspired each time to keep up my commitment to transition to a raw lifestyle. Thank you Natasha!

Donna Davis

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