Savvy Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping should not be a difficult task. However, with so many food choices and products with various claims and confusing labels, shopping for healthy food can be overwhelming!

With SimplyRaw’s Neighborhood Nutrition Tour Natasha will help you learn how to wisely navigate the grocery aisles — including at your  local natural grocer.  Learn all about choosing the best, cleanest foods to support your health-related goals.

Natasha’s Savvy Shopping includes how to:

  • fill your cart with wholesome and nutritious ingredients
  • read labels and decipher food claims
  • become a more efficient and knowledgeable shopper
  • plan quick, easy and delicious meals for yourself and family

Register today to schedule a Nutrition Tour for yourself, your family, or for a small group of friends and shop with confidence!

Good health starts in the grocery cart!

Savvy Grocery Shopping

Natasha has 20 years of clinical experience with cleansing and nutrition from a live plant-based perspective. She is recognized internationally for her expertise. Watch Natasha’s media appearances and her TEDx Ottawa Talk.

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