Cleanse at Home

SimplyRaw’s  Cleanse at Home, tailor made program is ideal if you wish to detox, juice fast or lose weight, under the personal guidance of Natasha, and within the privacy and convenience of your own home.  Available anywhere in the world, Natasha will cleanse and work individually with you to help you meet your individual health and weight loss goals.

If you need support, encouragement and expert guidance, then look no further.  Natasha is happy to cleanse with you!

Starting at a minimum 1-week commitment, the Cleanse at Home program is available for up to a maximum of twenty-eight days, depending on your needs and goals. Available for individual or small groups world-wide.

Services offered:

  • Kitchen Makeover! Clear out the old, make way for the healthy new
  • Grocery Shopping!  Natasha will shop with you to help you learn how and where to shop for the foods you need
  • Food Prep!  Teaching you to prepare simple and delicious cleansing raw foods that maximize your health goals
    Lifestyle Counseling!  Ongoing guidance, support, and counseling to coach you on healthy lifestyle choices

The Cleanse at Home Program is a lifetime opportunity!  Contact Natasha now - it can and will change your life forever.

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