Kitchen Makeover

Does the thought of changing your eating habits overwhelm you?  Want to know if your fridge and pantry foods are healthy?  Unsure where to start or need advice on tasty alternatives and recipes?

Natasha can help!

Fridge and Pantry Makeovers

Learn about the good, bad and alternative options, and how to read ingredient labels to make healthier choices.  Set up your kitchen with the best ingredients to achieve the glowing changes that you’re striving for!

Natasha’s Kitchen Makeover includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • Elimination of unhealthy foods and understanding the whys
  • How to re-stock with whole unprocessed foods suited to your dietary requirements
  • Healthy guidelines and meal suggestions
  • Recommendation for best appliances for your personal needs

Good health begins in the kitchen.  Embrace healthy living for life!

Kitchen Makeover

Natasha has 20 years of clinical experience with cleansing and nutrition from a live plant-based perspective. She is recognized internationally for her expertise.  Watch Natasha’s media appearances and her TEDxOttawa Talk.

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