Lighten Up Cleanse

The 2-week SimplyRaw Lighten Up Cleanse is designed to kick-start your health with 100% whole, unprocessed plant foods (cooked and raw).  It is an excellent introductory cleanse that is gentle, but effective enough to deliver results. The Lighten Up Cleanse is ideal for people looking for a gentle reboot and revitalize the whole body.

Next Group Session starts:

July 3, 2016

(Sun 2:00 pm meetings)


The SimplyRaw Lighten Up Cleanse will teach you about:

  • Making gradual changes following a proven plan with Natasha’s experienced guidance
  • Choosing non-allergen, alkaline foods (free from gluten, wheat, dairy) to reduce inflammation in the body
  • How to lighten your digestive load and achieve improved digestion, higher energy levels and glowing skin
  • Creating a realistic nutritional balance for a lifetime of healthy eating
  • Eating fresh, natural whole plant foods, rich in antioxidants
  • Choosing and preparing delicious recipes using 100% whole plant foods (cooked and raw)
  • Transition to a healthier, cleaner, happier, lifestyle

Program Highlights:

  • Group meetings and guidance from Natasha (three in-person meetings OR two 15 min phone consults for people outside of Ottawa)
  • Daily email tips and ongoing interactive PEER support from Lighten UP email group
  • Private access to SimplyRaw’s Detox Community board (recipes, videos, blogs, cleansing/lifestyle info)
  • Lighten Up booklet with simple suggested meal plans, recipes, and easy-to-follow guidelines
  • SimplyRaw’s Best of the Best Detox e-book
  • Gentle light cleanse that you can maintain while working or leading a busy life
  • Simple, whole, natural foods
  • Beginner program, perfect for first-time cleansers
  • Helps people with food sensitivities
  • 10% off food & drinks at SimplyRaw Express for the duration of the cleanse

Phase 1 – Eliminate and replace foods that cause inflammation
Phase 2 – Add whole, nutritious foods that gently cleanse the body

The Lighten Up Cleanse is appropriate for those wanting to:

  • Transition to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle
  • Follow a proven plan with Natasha’s experienced guidance and the support of a like-minded group
  • Experience the benefits of an alkaline, allergen-free diet and revitalize your whole body
  • Learn about new food choices and delicious possibilities
  • Achieve higher energy levels, improved digestion and glowing skin
  • Experience a gentle, practical approach to cleansing
  • As a  side benefit, many participants also lose excess pounds!

See how easy it is to improve your diet in just 14 days!

Join the group program from anywhere in the world & get direct one-on-one support (instead of group meetings)

Please note that full refunds are issued  with a minimum of 48 hours from the first meeting.

Natasha has 20 years of practical experience facilitating private and group cleansing programs. Watch her video testimonials  and TEDxOttawa Talk. The Lighten Up Cleanse focuses on the highest quality of  whole, life-giving foods.  (all gluten-free) No processed shakes or supplements are involved – just real foods!  View Lighten Up testimonials here.

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