Light & Lively

During this period, you will learn the basic nutrition and principles of Natasha’s health-focused weight management program, as well as long lasting tools to nourish your body and mind.  For 3 weeks you will be immersed in a nurturing  plant-based environment, which will inspire you to eat healthier, feel good, and lose those extra pounds in a gentle and sustainable manner. You will improve your appearance, as well as the health and vitality that you deserve.

Please note that the Light & Lively plan is not exclusively raw.

Program Highlights:

  • Light & Lively booklet complete with shopping lists, simple suggested meal plans, recipes, and easy-to-follow guidelines
  • Group meetings and guidance from Natasha (four in-person meetings OR three 15 min phone consults for people outside of Ottawa)
  • Private access to SimplyRaw’s Detox Community board (recipes, videos, blogs, cleansing/lifestyle info) for current SimplyRaw participants and alumni for extra support
  • SimplyRaw’s Best of the Best Detox e-book
  • Pre Light & Lively Pantry Clean Out tips and suggestions
  • Post Light & Lively Survival Guidelines for long term success
  • Healthy “Better than” Cheat foods to support your healthy lean journey
  • 10% off food & drinks at SimplyRaw Express for the duration of the program
  • Further support from SimplyRaw’s Drop in support groups

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Sunday, April 23 @ 12pm


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