Guided 1-week program to help you learn how to safely fast with fresh homemade juices.  This is a great way to kick-start your body’s self healing properties and enjoy the blessings of good health.

Program Highlights:

  • Direct support from Natasha throughout the 7-days
  • 2 meetings or up to 1 hour via Skype
  • Juice recipes & program plan
  • Private access to SimplyRaw’s Detox Community board (recipes, videos, blogs, cleansing/lifestyle info) for current SimplyRaw participants and alumni

2-days – preparing for the fast
3-days of juice fasting
2-days of breaking the fast


  • Cleanse and restore your body’s vitality
  • Digestive system is rejuvenated and becomes more effective
  • The body’s self-healing capacities are maximized
  • Mental clarity is improved
  • Organs are revitalized
  • Addictions are often overcome (coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, food, drugs)
  • The body is hydrated, nourished and alkalized with fresh life-giving juices

Next program: new date TBA soon!

First meeting (30 minutes): TBA soon!

Fasting Schedule

 Preparing for the fast

 Juice fasting

 Transitioning out

Last meeting


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