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Summer detox 2011

 What a ride… If you’ve ever considered taking this plunge, I can’t say enough about Natasha Kyssa’s book and program… This detox is more than dietary; it’s like cleansing and rejuvenating physically, emotionally and spiritually! I won’t lie… it’s HARD (and I sure as heck wasn’t “perfect” LOL). But I would (and will) do it again 🙂

Tanja Kisslinger

I never thought I would get so much from the detox program. It was simply transforming in so many ways! Thank you, Natasha and Mark.

Caroline Collard

Doing the SimplyRaw Detox Program with Natasha is wonderful experience — whether someone has health challenges or wants to lose weight/look better effortlessly. Plus, it’s an excellent intro into the raw lifestyle.

Hal Walter

The detox program has definitely improved my digestion and resulted in weight loss. Most importantly, it has reminded me of the critical need to chew, to pay attention to what I am eating, and what are the most healthy foods.

A. Larkin

Marvelous! I experienced a big shift in my life dealing with situations that were very trying. I feel a sturdy base now!!

Frances Finnigan

I’ve achieved my goals and received glowing compliments from friends and family. Thanks guys!

Rick Lecuyer

The SimplyRaw Detox Program allowed me to look at my relationship with food more objectively. I lost 13 pounds, I sleep better, and I feel much healthier overall!

Nancy McKenna

The 28 day detox program was a life changing experience for me. Not only do I feel great but it opened a whole new world for me. It is like I am being introduced to food all over again. I had become very low on energy and stuck in patterns and routines that did not benefit my health. Thank you!

Roxanne Anderson

While experiencing the raw food lifestyle, I have had several wonderful benefits. I have never in my life had such deep and satisfying sleep, my skin has become all soft and any acne has completely disappeared. My husband and my mum remark on how great my skin looks. My body has felt more alive and I have found that I feel calmer when dealing with life in general. This was certainly a life changing experience and one that I am hoping to share with my friends and family, most of them I have already started on drinking green smoothies!!! Thank you for sharing, I have already recommended this program to everyone I know!!

Hannah O’Kelly

Expectations more than met. (Actually, I never thought I’d be a convert…) The support of the group was useful, helpful, fun; access to SimplyRaw Community web page a bonus! Natasha’s knowledge and experience was very reassuring.


I reached all of my goals: I lost weight, I became 100% raw vegan, I became more conscious about what I put into my body, I have more energy, I exercise on a regular basis, and my skin looks much better. Thanks Natasha & Mark!

Antje Henker

I did the program remotely and loved it! I learned so much about healthy eating (& myself) and lost weight in the process. I highly recommend Natasha’s book and course to everyone!

Jenna, San Diego

This is my second time on Natasha’s program, and it has been a very positive, rewarding experience. I really recommend it especially when one wants to re-gain control over his/her eating habits and feel healthy and energized in a gentle manner. Thank you Natasha for your guidance and support.

Ana Marie Salvetti

A self-confessed (omnivorous) foodie, less inclined toward group activities and known for enthusiastic starts with petered endings, I was skeptical of how long I would last. Imagine my surprise at how effortless it has been to follow the program, 100% throughout the month: I have consistently felt satisfied and sated. I have re-discovered nourishment and a healthy perspective. In only four weeks I have reached 3 of the 5 goals that were part of my motivation for joining the program. I am proud of the commitment, creativity and fun this program has inspired. I plan to continue eating a raw vegan diet. My thanks to Natasha and Mark for their guidance in starting a new, healthy lifestyle.

Anastasia Gould

This journey really allowed me to reset my digestive system by lightening the food load. I was able to shed deep emotions, stubborn weight, and achieve a healthy glow. Once again I feel connected to my body’s needs and have a handle on my emotional eating. I feel more vibrant, cleaner, and leaner. This is an experience that will change your life and give you control over your well-being!

A Borris

The SimplyRaw Detox Program has helped me learn to eat “real” foods again and help me find resources to support me in the transition. Thank you Natasha & Mark!

Robyn Keon

I found the 28 day detox program to be a most enlightening experience. I feel so good and plan to continue with the raw lifestyle whenever I can. I have lost over 10 lbs and am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight, something I’ve not been for 26 years. Thank you Natasha & Mark, you are wonderful.

A Sturgeon

I really enjoyed the experience. It was a lot more doable than expected. I was surprised to find that despite eating less calories, my energy was great! I lost 13 pounds and my blood pressure dropped to normal levels! Overall, it was a very satisfying and fulfilling experience. Thanks Natasha & Mark!


I lost 25 pounds on this program. When I stand up, I no longer feel stiff. I have a better attitude and am a nicer person, and I owe it to Natasha and Mark. Bless you both for the marvelous work that you do. I will recommend this to everyone. Thanks a million!

Jacinthe Schwalm

I quite enjoyed the program. I gained energy, self-confidence, and a new look on life. I learned about the importance of regular exercise, meditation and deep breathing, I slowed down my pace, and downsized my hectic business operations. Thank You.

U. Laurencelle

I am thrilled with the whole experience. Eating this way is so grounding and I feel very connected to my body. I am committed to being authentic in every aspect of my life and the living foods lifestyle is perfect support for me. I am so grateful to you!

Carolina K.

My goal was more clarity of mind and I got it in droves! I feel amazing and totally myself — as if I were back in university!

Candice Bernes, mother of 3

This was the best thing I could do for myself. I felt that I was a train wreck waiting to happen and this got me back on track to eliminating unhealthy foods.

M Bureau

A wonderful program that facilitates a detox at both physical and emotional levels. A steep learning curve, but perseverance and adherence to the program profoundly paid off! I will tell friends & colleagues, thank you!

S Hassanali

I loved it so much that am continuing with it. The SimplyRaw Detox program has improved my health, awareness, and strength. I feel empowered! I feel in charge of my health! Natasha has much knowledge to share. She is a blessing. Do the program and you will agree! 🙂

Danielle Boutin

Once again, I have lost 12 lbs. Once again, I required less sleep. I never went foggy like the first time doing the SimplyRaw Detox, but remained consistently clear and in a good mood. The energy is high and I was able to exercise all the way through. My second detox was much easier the second time round!

L. Fawcett

Well, people around you sure notice something different when one goes through this program. It became a topic for conversation which helps one realize where she is at on this journey towards better health. I’m definitely noticing that I now need to move forward as going backwards brings symptoms of illness back. (eczema, stiff joints in hands, gallstones, etc.) Many thanks! It has been an honour to get to know you, Natasha & Mark!

Dianne R.

This was my second experience with the SimplyRaw Detox and I actually found it much more manageable. I used more recipes and varied my food choices. I felt super! Natasha has a world of knowledge and helped me believe more that I can sustain this lifestyle.

Kristin Marvin

You do not realize until after you have done the program how you thought differently about food. I am so much more aware of what I am going to eat and now think about what I put in my body.


Although at times, very challenging, I am glad to have been introduced to SimplyRaw guidelines and will definitely keep lots of these options in my diet in the future. Thank you for the experience!

Sarah S.

I enjoyed my experience. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far and feel great. Thank you, Natasha!


I love the weight loss and everyone has been saying “You are looking good!”

C. Thomas

I began this program to get to the bottom of some allergy, digestive, and immune system issues. The SimplyRaw Detox has put me on the right track to dealing with these issues. I feel excited about the things I’ve learned and the healthier alternatives available.

M Simpson-Law

Just do it, in cold or warm weather! The SimplyRaw Detox is a wonderful program to reset your whole system!


For the last 28 days I have learned to appreciate this new routine. I was told that my personality has been more calm, warm and relaxed. Which I assume means that coffee makes me mean and jumpy. I’ve felt more consistently energetic and haven’t missed the ups and downs of the caffeine rollercoaster I often ride. Over the past few weeks I have noticed that my afternoons no longer find me sitting at my desk struggling to keep my eyes open. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been tired during this cleanse but it is a different kind of tired than the withdrawal of coffee induces. It could also be because I’ve been sleeping much better.

Lisa, VeganCulinarycrusade

Spring detox  2013

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