About Living Foods

Living Foods include fresh, uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains, all prepared for optimal digestion by sprouting, blending and culturing. Living Foods are enzyme and chlorophyl-rich. They are the highest form of nutrition and go beyond raw foods which can be hard to assimilate. (Unsprouted nuts and seeds are indigestible, and contain mucous-forming enzyme inhibitors which need to be released by soaking) Through special preparations such as sprouting, fermenting and blending, Living Foods are easily digested and allow the body to receive maximum nourishment while devoting minimal energy to the digestion process. Good digestion is the key to optimal health. When you provide your body with the proper nutrients in a form your body can use, it knows how to repair itself. The Living Foods Lifestyle has been developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore, specifically for rebuilding and maintaining health, to give the body a chance to heal and rejuvenate through eating high energy nourishment in an easy-to-digest form.

Living Foods contain enzymes, which assist your body to digest food and absorb nutrients into the bloodstream. Enzymes are a complex chain of amino acids that play an important role in energy production and repair of tissues, cells and organs. They are the catalyst for life. The act of heating alters the molecular structure in food (enzymes start to degrade in as little as 115 degrees F); proteins are denatured, fats oxidized and enzymes destroyed, forcing the body to use its own limited reserves. Low enzyme activity has been found to contribute to chronic conditions such as diabetes, allergies, skin disorders and cancer. It also results in weight gain, digestive problems, lethargy, inflammation, loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone. Enzyme depletion and aging go hand in hand.

Living Foods allow your body to focus its resources on cleansing and rebuilding the immune system. These foods are packed with the enzymes, chlorophyl and oxygen needed to fuel our cells. Living Foods are provided by nature and have their life force intact, thus meeting your body’s nutritional requirements quickly and efficiently. They are easily digested (requiring only 24-36 hours as compared to 40-100 hours for cooked food) and leave you energized rather than the typical tired feeling after meals. You have more energy, strength and vitality. The Living Foods Lifestyle is a way of taking responsibility for your health. It is preventative health, and has great potential of helping everyone.

Energy Soup

Energy Soup is the most important food in the Living Foods Lifestyle. It is the ultimate high energy, easy-to-digest nourishment made from blended sprouts and greens. Energy Soup is a complete meal  which contains every nutrient that your body needs, in a balanced form. Because it is blended, the nutrients are rapidly absorbed, enabling your body to cleanse and rebuild in the quickest way without burdening the system. Energy Soup was developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore and has helped with many health challenges that people suffer with every day. Since it is easy-to-digest, it is vital for those suffering from allergies and digestive problems. It is instrumental for correcting nutritional deficiencies, restores health, promotes energy and weight loss, and is very easily assimilated by the body.

Wheatgrass Juice

Dr. Ann Wigmore popularized wheatgrass for its healing properties. High in minerals, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins a, b-complex, c, e and k, it is very helpful in building the immune system. Wheatgrass juice is also rich in chlorophyll – the pigment which gives plants its green colour. The molecular structure in chlorophyll is very similar to that of hemoglobin in humans, and it is said that when wheatgrass is consumed, the production of hemoglobin is increased. Higher amounts of hemoglobin in the bloodstream means more oxygen-rich blood. It is easily absorbed by the body and uses little energy for digestion. Additionally, wheatgrass juice is a power blood cleanser and can help remove toxins from the blood stream.


Rejuvelac is a fermented enzyme-rich drink made from sprouted grains. It a great aid for digestion and elimination, due to the fermentation process. Rejuvelac is one of the 3 most important items on the Living Foods Lifestyle Program for regaining health. It is an excellent source of vitamins b, ,c, e, amino acids, simple sugars and enzymes. It also contains the friendly bacteria required for a healthy colon and helps remove toxins from the body.

Some Benefits of Living Foods

Vibrant health can only be realized by following a natural way of life free of artificial, processed food. When following a Living Foods Lifestyle, you can remove harmful toxins from your body, and absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently. Along with a healthy lifestyle (including regular exercise, fresh air, sunshine, hydration, sleep, relaxation, and refraining from drugs, smoking, and excessive alcohol), Living Foods can help you experience the following benefits:

  • Exceptionally good overall health
  • Preventing and overcoming disease
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Resistance to colds & flues
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced food cravings
  • Elimination of allergies
  • Detoxification
  • Increased elimination
  • Lighter menses with fewer cramps
  • Optimal ph balance
  • Clear sinuses (less mucus in body)
  • Reduced quantity of sleep required
  • Super-charged energy
  • Better concentration and mental clarity
  • Superior athletic performance (enhanced flexibility, endurance, speed and strength)
  • Quicker recovery time from workouts
  • Body sculpting through natural weight loss
  • Lowered body fat and lean muscle maintenance
  • Younger, softer skin
  • Increased zest for life
  • Low impact on the earth
  • Supports a sustainable future for all life on earth


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